Theme: Source (ENG)

Theme: “ Source ”

Introduction: George van Raemdonck, the first Flemish cartoon artist  

Willy Van der Steen, Marc Sleen, Bob de Moor ,,, are justly called to be “the fathers of the Flemish cartoon strip” but they were not the first cartoonists. George van Raemdonk already  preceded these pioneers of the Flemish cartoon story in the early twenties, although however through publishing in The Netherlands. His text cartoon “Bulletje en Boonestaak” was one of the first successful Dutch cartoon strips being a cartoon story with text written underneath   the pictures. In the States the speech bubble already made its entry at the end of the 19th century and was thereby a lot quicker integrated. One of the first European cartoon artists  who used the speech bubble in the cartoon strip was Hergé in his “De avonturen van Kuifje” (The adventures of Tintin).


Everything has its source. Of course, the sparkling water stream from which the broadly rippling river grows is a source, from which we can bottle refreshing spring water. However, the greatest artist of all would not be able to put a strip on his canvas without his source of inspiration. But scientists too know sources all too well: they have to write them down correctly in their citation (although this is a source of frustration for many). Problems are best tackled at the source, as I heard from a good source. And how do we solve this shortage of energy sources? What is the source of all evil?

Making a cartoon with this theme does not seem a problem to us: a theme as a ‘source’ can only serve as a source of drawing pleasure. So let that ink squirt out of your nib, and good luck!