Theme: EXIT (ENG)

There’s no way back anymore, seized by the theme EXIT you fall into a spiral of illusions and anxieties. Desperately in search for an EXIT, an escape route from it all. Delusions, thoughts and strong guilt feelings take you by surprise, as well as the thought of
EXIT from life. An enormous Existencial crisis for the person, LSD, a mental escape of EXIT from the body. Ghostly EXITential. Drugs and alcohol deliver a temporary EXIT from reality but life goes on.

If you had an EXIT plan like a Stock-EXIT there wouldn’t be a problem. No financial crisis therefore no GrEXIT. Confused as you go on. Even good the refugeecrisis with deportations: EXIT stranger. Banned from paradise. Exodus Mozes. Do they require an EXIT-visa?

In your head you hear EXIT, a song on the Joshua Tree album by U2. The text is inspired on a novel by Norman Mailer “The executioner’s Song” and was later used as a defence in a murder trial with the Excuse that this song had influenced the accused. EXIT darling.

Breaking point, Vote Leave? EXIT poll. BrEXIT means borders. Stay in Europe – No to BrEXIT. Staggeringly you go along a long corridor with posters on the wall.
EXIT festival, music festival in a unique location on the Petrovaradin Fort in Novi Sad, Serbia. Originally started as a student protest. Abdication? EXIT king. The thought “Where is the EXIT” is stifling. What is the EXIT strategy?

Your body protests, your stomach becomes tight. Where is the toilet? Cramps, sickly. EXIT lunch. Like a thespian you bow your EXIT and leave the stage. The EXIT or emergency EXIT is situated in the furthest corner. EXIT story.

* “’Exit’ – I don’t even know what the act is in that song. Some see it as a murder, others suicide – and I don’t mind. But the rhythm of the words is nearly as important in conveying the state of mind.” (BONO)

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